Disney World, Still the Happiest Place On Earth?

Photo Dec 09, 9 33 53 PM

When it comes to traveling as a newlywed you always hear two sides of the story from new parents: do all your traveling before it is too late or, on the flip side, traveling with a family is no biggie. While I am all for spontaneity and adventure, I am not a risk taker when it comes to seeing the world before baking some tots. So, when it came time for my husband and I to plan a long weekend getaway I thought big, Paris, London, I was even willing to resort to something stateside, New Orleans. Too much? Possibly, but remember, I still believe in spontaneity and adventure.

In the end I lost the fight for Paris (c’est tres tragique) and we ended up at the supposed “happiest place on Earth”, Disney World. We spent a total of 4 days this past weekend reliving our childhood (as adults) at Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and of course, Magic Kingdom.

As typical, my husband and I suffered our usual travel spats, despite being at the happiest place on Earth. I wanted to eat delicious food from around the World at Epcot (since I wasn’t actually around the World), while he wanted to wait in line to get his photo taken with the notorious Mickey Mouse. Looking back on the situation I wondered, is this normal? Do I just have a difficult husband (as he wonders why he has a difficult wife), or is it just the stress of being away from home that heightens the likelihood of spatting like two grown children?

Thankfully I stumbled upon this article via Canada’s Adventure Couple. Although too late for this trip, I found the advice to be a valid success. The major points these two discuss are Compromise, Communication, Be Willing to Fight, Knowing Each Other’s Boundaries, and Do Things Together. I felt most uplifted by their suggestion of being willing to fight it out. I think all the other things are good ideas to keep in the back of your mind, but I also feel like if you are going to inevitably fight, get it out of your system and move on.

In the end the trip wasn’t a total bust and I actually enjoyed being on vacation with my husband, who will forever be a big kid at heart. I can live with that (most of the time).

My top 5 observations of Disney World as an adult:

  1. There seemed to be a lot more people in wheelchairs than I remembered from 10 years ago.
  2. My husband and I agree: taking our children to Disney World before they are out of their strollers probably isn’t in our cards.
  3. Walt Disney suffered quite a few upsets in his life before hitting it big, inspiring.
  4. Soarin’ and Space Mountain are still two of the coolest rides, even as an adult.
  5. Waiting in line for said rides seems just as long as an adult as they did as a child.

(image via Crystal Zembal)


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