Unique DIY Gift Baskets


For the past few years, homemade gifts have been on my radar. Pinterest usually spurs that because so many ideas are posted just before the holidays. Last year there were a lot of wreathes so I decided to make my sisters each one for their homes. I had them pick a color scheme from Design Seeds and I went shopping for the goods. I’m an awful gift giver because I am only half way done on the first wreath and it’s already Christmas again! This year I am determined to finish them along with their homemade gifts for this year, which are already about halfway done.

One of my favorite homemade gifts to give (and get!) are gift baskets. I got thinking this year about baskets I could make for various occasions but kept getting stuck on the classics: movie night, spa day, baked goods, etc. After some research, I picked out a few more that can be tailored to specific friends and family members, whole families or couples. These were my favorites:

  • Herb Garden basket
  • Beer / Wine tasting
  • Ice Cream Sundae kit
  • Garden Starter kit
  • Grilling kit
  • Breakfast basket especially this cute Sweet and Savory basket from Country Living
  • Specialty cooking / baking basket
  • A Movie Night Basket with food tailored to the specific movie (Here are some food ideas for a movie basket for “The Help“.)

Do you have any unique gifts you bundle together?

(image via Country Living)


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