Have a charitable week.

Happy Sunday!

There really isn’t a whole lot that makes me feel better than giving back. Sure, Channing Tatum in Magic Mike was pretty exciting and planning a trip to Nashville with Annie holds a certain level of thrill, but being in a position to make someone’s day? It feels good, real good. Not only does it feel good, but I feel like I’m finally doing something right. I feel like I could either focus on my many flaws, or I could focus my energies on all the good things I could do. Oh, did I forget to mention I’m one of those … I’m a Virgo and my cup is always half full.

This week I have a couple of charitable tasks on my plate. As much as I’d love to have you believing that I am a charity wonder woman, I am not. With the holidays coming up I have been presented with multiple opportunities to give back, more than usual. Through the various mailers I receive from various charities that entice me with an assortment of free address labels, or the dozens of emails I get at work encouraging me to take advantage of my company’s charity match program, I’ve really had a great number of opportunities to give back. Unfortunately my plans to become a millionaire didn’t pan out this year, so I’ve had to pick and choose how to allocate my extra resources.

Habitat for Humanity

This charity holds a very special place in my heart and you don’t have to have any disposable income in order to give back. What do they want? Your time, and probably your money, but mostly your willingness and your time.

On Thursday I am going to be helping with my first ever DeConstruction. I’ve done builds and cleanup, but never DeConstruction. DeConstruction is where you remove items that could be reused or sold in the Habitat ReStore from a site that is being torn down. Did you know that you can buy things in a ReStore for your home and usually at a highly discounted price? The money goes back to Habitat to build more homes and in turn you help our planet by repurposing.

**stepping down from my tree hugger soap box**


This year my husband and I decided to cap our Christmas spending at $50 each and then take an additional $50 each and donate it to a charity of our choice. This year I chose the SPCA of Wake County, and by the sounds of it, I think that is where my husband is donating as well. The SPCA is the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and your county more than likely has an affiliate chapter.


This particular face makes me want to give all of my money to the SPCA. His name is Alexander, and he could potentially appear in later posts.


I tend to have selfish motives when giving to Goodwill. Usually I am looking to get rid of half my closet to make room for new goodies and honestly, tax season is coming up, I want to get in a couple of last minute donations.

Though selfish in conception, I get pleasure from using Goodwill’s online calculator that let’s you calculate the impact of your donation. Ten sweaters pays for someone to receive job training class. Sweeeet! Plus after I drop off a trunk load of goodies this week I plan to stop in to see if there is anything that I absolutely have to have for the home. Not only will I be giving back two-fold, but I will be doing something good for our planet by repurposing versus purchasing new. I never know what I’m going to find. The anticipation alone is thrilling.

Fort Bragg, The Army

This is something I have been doing for about six months now. I first read an this article in the Raleigh News & Observer about donating your extra coupons to the families living on the military base camps. I happen to be quite the couponer so I got fairly excited to find out of a new way I could give back that fit so easily into my lifestyle.

Every Sunday is a routine, I cut all the coupons out of the Sunday paper and set aside the ones I will find useful. The rest go into a pile for Fort Bragg, which is a nearby military camp. Once a month I mail out the coupons. It costs about a dollar because of the weight, but I doubt I’d ever be able to give enough to those and the families that sacrifice so much.

What’s on your agenda this week? Do you have a regular charity or organization that you contribute to? Let us and the other readers know, I feel like we can never do enough.

Cheers and have a charitable week,



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